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My Personal Blog and Professional Resume ;-)


The personal blog is designed to showcase the owner's thoughts, ideas, and experiences. It also includes a link to the owner's professional resume. The blog is created using the Arabic Blog Dark Theme, which gives it a visually appealing and modern look.


  • Arabic Blog Dark Theme: The theme used for the blog provides a sleek and stylish design with a dark color scheme, making it visually appealing to visitors.
  • Personal Blog: The blog serves as a platform for the owner to share their personal thoughts, experiences, and ideas with the world.
  • Professional Resume Link: The blog includes a link to the owner's professional resume, allowing visitors to access additional information about their skills, qualifications, and work experience.


To install the Arabic Blog Dark Theme on your personal blog, follow these steps:

  1. Download the theme file from the official website or marketplace.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to your local computer.
  3. Access your blog's dashboard and navigate to the "Themes" section.
  4. Click on "Add New Theme" or "Upload Theme" button.
  5. Select the extracted theme file and upload it to your blog.
  6. Once the theme is uploaded, activate it from the themes list.
  7. Customize the theme settings according to your preferences, such as logo, colors, and layout.
  8. Finally, save the changes and view your blog to see the new Arabic Blog Dark Theme in action.

Summary The personal blog created using the Arabic Blog Dark Theme presents a visually appealing and modern design. It allows the owner to share their personal thoughts and experiences while also providing a link to their professional resume. The installation process of the theme is straightforward and can be easily completed by following the provided steps.


Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby that allows you to create simple, fast, and secure websites without the need for a database.


Blog websites feature posts written by one or more authors, organized by categories and tags, with a section for comments and archives sorted by date or topic. Additional features may include search bar, social media sharing, subscription or RSS feed, about and contact pages, and visual content.