screenshot of Simple_python_server_template


Template repository for flask server with pipenv


The simple_python_server_template is a template repository that provides a basic structure for creating Flask servers in Python. It comes with pipenv, a package manager, which helps to manage the dependencies of the project.


  • Flask Server: The template includes a Flask server, which allows you to easily build web applications and APIs in Python.
  • Pipenv Integration: With the inclusion of pipenv, managing the project's dependencies becomes effortless, ensuring a clean and organized development environment.
  • Template Repository: The simple_python_server_template serves as a starting point for developing Flask servers, providing a pre-configured structure that saves time and effort.


Follow these steps to install the simple_python_server_template:

  1. Clone the repository by running the following command in your terminal:

    git clone [repository-url]
  2. Change your working directory to the cloned repository:

    cd simple_python_server_template
  3. Install the project dependencies using pipenv:

    pipenv install
  4. Activate the virtual environment:

    pipenv shell
  5. Start the Flask server:


Now, the simple_python_server_template is successfully installed and running on your local machine.


The simple_python_server_template is a template repository designed for quickly setting up Flask servers in Python. With its pre-configured structure and integration with pipenv, it provides developers with a streamlined environment for creating web applications and APIs. By following the installation guide, users can easily get started with this template and begin building their own Flask servers.