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Remix js Tailwind css (Bahasa Indonesia) : web with theme colors and store it into cookies.

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Product Analysis: Remix


Remix is a web development framework that allows developers to build and deploy JavaScript applications easily. Whether you are developing in development mode or deploying in production mode, Remix offers a seamless experience with valuable features.


  • Easy Development: Remix provides a simple and straightforward development experience by automatically rebuilding assets on file changes.
  • Effortless Deployment: With Remix, you can easily build your application for production and run it in production mode.
  • Flexible Hosting Options: Remix offers various hosting options, including deploying with the built-in Remix app server or using a template that comes pre-configured for your target server.


To install Remix, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Run the following command to start your app in development mode:
    $ remix start


To deploy your Remix app, complete the following steps:

  1. Build your app for production by executing the following command:

    $ remix build
  2. Once the build process completes, run the app in production mode using the following command:

    $ remix run
  3. Choose a hosting option that fits your requirements. For DIY deployment, make sure to deploy the output of the remix build command located at build/public/build/. Alternatively, you can use a template provided by Remix by running npx create-remix@latest and then copying your app/ folder to the new project that is pre-configured for your target server.


Remix is a web development framework that offers an effortless development and deployment experience. With features like easy development, effortless deployment, and flexible hosting options, Remix makes it easier for developers to build and deploy JavaScript applications quickly and efficiently.