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스마일게이트 서버개발캠프 면접과제 - Simple URL shortener that can shorten from url typed by user to url combined random characters generated by server


The Simple URL Shortener is a service that allows users to input a URL and receive a shortened version of that URL. The shortened version is a random combination of six alphanumeric characters. When the shortened URL is clicked or entered, it redirects to the original URL. The service also provides a list of shortened URLs and their corresponding information such as click count and input count. Additionally, it offers a graph displaying the click count for each site. The Simple URL Shortener is built using Django for the backend and Bootstrap, jQuery, and Chart.js for the frontend.


  • URL Input Form: Provides a form for users to input a URL.
  • Shortened URL Results: Displays the shortened version of the input URL.
  • Consistent Shortening Results: The same input URL will always produce the same shortened URL.
  • Show List of Shortened URLs: Provides a list of shortened URLs and their information.
  • URL Detail Page: Shows detailed information about a specific shortened URL.
  • Redirect to Original URL: Allows users to be redirected to the original URL by entering the shortened URL.
  • Show Analysis: Displays analysis information such as click count for each site.
  • Manage Chart Data: Retrieves chart data using Ajax.


To install the Simple URL Shortener, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the following prerequisites installed:
    • Pip3
    • Python3
  2. Clone the project repository and navigate to the project folder.
  3. Install the project dependencies using the following command:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run the project in development mode using the following command:
python3 runserver
  1. Access the Simple URL Shortener application by visiting http://localhost:8000 in your browser.


The Simple URL Shortener is a Django-based service that allows users to input URLs and receive shortened versions of those URLs. It provides features such as a URL input form, consistent shortening results, a list of shortened URLs, redirection to the original URL, and analysis information. The application is easy to install and provides a user-friendly interface for URL shortening and tracking.