My Webpack Boilerplate

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My Webpack Boilerplate

Базовый шаблон для быстрого старта (webpack config + pug/scss/js-файлы)


The analyzed content appears to be a product analysis of a template designed for quick starting a web development project. The template is built using technologies such as webpack 5, pug, SCSS, and JavaScript. The analysis includes information about the template's features and installation process.


  • Webpack 5: Utilizes the latest version of Webpack, a popular bundler for JavaScript applications.
  • Pug: Includes Pug, a template engine for writing HTML code in a concise and expressive manner.
  • SCSS: Supports the use of SCSS, a popular CSS preprocessor that adds additional features and functionality.
  • JavaScript: Allows developers to write code using the JavaScript programming language.


To install the template, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Node.js version 16.13.1 or higher is installed on your system.
  2. Clone the template repository from the provided GitHub profile.
  3. Access the template repository and navigate to the desired project location.
  4. In the terminal, run the command npm install to install the necessary dependencies.
  5. To start the template in development mode, run the command npm run dev.
  6. To build the template for production, run the command npm run build.


The analyzed content provides an overview of a template designed to facilitate the quick start of a web development project. It highlights its key features, including the use of webpack 5, Pug, SCSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, it provides installation instructions, specifying the required Node.js version and the steps to set up and run the template in development and production modes.

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