Create Vue3 App

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Create Vue3 App

️ Quickly create vue3 projects


The Create Vue3 App is a tool that allows developers to quickly create Vue3 projects with a standard-readme compliant code style. It aims to provide an out-of-the-box feature set without the need for tedious configuration, making use of community best practices.


  • Fast create Vue3 project: With Create Vue3 App, developers can create Vue3 projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Out of the box feature: The tool provides a set of pre-configured features and dependencies, eliminating the need for manual setup.
  • No tedious configuration: Developers can start working on their Vue3 projects without spending time on tedious configuration tasks.
  • Based on community best practices: Create Vue3 App follows the best practices recommended by the Vue community, ensuring that projects maintain a high standard of quality.


To install Create Vue3 App, you have two options:

  1. Using npm:
npm install -g create-vue3-app
  1. Using Yarn:
yarn global add create-vue3-app


Create Vue3 App is a handy tool for developers who want to quickly set up Vue3 projects. It offers an out-of-the-box feature set, eliminating the need for tedious configuration. By following community best practices, it ensures that projects adhere to high standards of code quality. Installation is straightforward and can be done using either npm or Yarn.


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